Mahlon Clark (Frank Sinatra)

Mahlon Clark (March 7, 1923 – September 20, 2007) was an American musician who was a member of the Lawrence Welk orchestra from 1962 to 1968. His primary instrument was the clarinet.

Born and raised in Portsmouth, Virginia, Clark started out in vaudeville as a child. Later as a teenager, he became a big band musician playing for the Ray McKinley and Will Bradley bands, among others. Relocating to California during World War II, after serving in the armed forces, found employment at Paramount Pictures where he performed music on many movie soundtracks.
Join Horace Heidt Jr. as he welcomes legendary Frank Sinatra session musician Mahlon Clark. They talk at length about recording with Frank, Nelson Riddle and Don Costa at Capital Records recording studios, on America Swings Radio.

He was hired by Welk in 1962 to join his orchestra and his television show. For six years, he played both the clarinet, saxophone and flute for a weekly national television audience and on stage when the Music Makers went out on tour. After leaving the Welk organization, Clark continued to perform on many more movie soundtracks and with numerous artists such as Frank Sinatra and Madonna. He was replaced by reedman Dave Edwards before the new T.V. taping sessions in 1968.