Judy Watson

Join Horace Heidt Jr. as he visits with Hollywood author and historian, Judy Watson.

Judy Watson is an author and historian who has written about the golden age of Hollywood.
Film buffs will be thrilled by this memoir of Hollywood movie star Richard Arlen as told to Maxine Koolish and edited by her daughter, Judy Watson.

The silent World War I film, Wings, set the standard for aviation movies with its realistic sequences and was the first-ever winner of the Academy Award for Best Picture. Arlen played a starring role in this enduring classic and in the Western talkie, The Virginian, another film that forever changed the way movies would be made. Having been center stage during the golden age of film, Dick Arlen provides an unparalleled look inside the world of Hollywood filmmaking in this fascinating book.

“Wings” and Other Recollections of Early Hollywood is based on the collection of photographs, books, letters, manuscripts, tapes, and diaries discovered by Judy Watson among her mother’s things after she died. Maxine Koolish had been by Dick’s side during the thirteen years leading up to his death in 1976. A born chronicler and storyteller, Maxine served as the aging matinee idol’s biographer.

Now, you can share in the exciting experience of film history in the making!